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Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Quilter’s Dream Birthday Surprise

I had quite the birthday surprise this year. It’s the evening of my birthday. My husband is working on Woolkeeper bookkeeping and I’m cutting wool for kits.  He announces that we are getting a delivery. I’m thinking supper is being delivered. That would be nice. This is what was delivered.

Oh My Gosh! These two gorgeous quilt ladders have been on my someday wish list since I first saw them at a quilt show.  They are beautifully handmade by Robert and Paula Briick from Built by Briick. http://www.bbbriick.com/ They delivered them to me in person and we so enjoyed talking to them. What a great couple. Check out their site. You’ll want to add to your wish list the ladders and other cool products they offer for quilters.

The ladders are fantastic! I love them! They are the coolest quilt ladders I have ever seen and they are so beautifully made. Here they are in my family room. 

Thank-you for the sweet birthday surprise Mr. Woolkeeper. Happy! Happy!

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