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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Wool and Cotton Finishes

Swag Bag by Sue Spargo

Pearls by Zen Chic

I participated in an Ugly Fabric Quilt Contest for an area church benefit.  This is the Ugly fabric I was given- a whole half yard plus.

 Using the Tiny Wonky Stars pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Co., this is what I did with the ugly fabric.

Summer Bag By Tilda using Tilda fabrics.  Tone Finnanger is the founder and sole designer of the Tilda brand.  She lives in Norway.  I love Tilda fabrics!

Let Freedom Ring wool applique Banner by Woolkeeper ®-that's me.

Turkey Day Banner by Woolkeeper®.  Both patterns and kits for the banners are available at Woolkeeper.com  


  1. wonderful ugly quilt, love the bag by Sue Spargo, where do you find Tilda fabric in the US? I have all her books but cannot seem to find her fabric

    1. Hi Susan!
      In the US, you can find Tilda fabric online at The Intrepid Thread.

  2. I especially like the turkey!

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